Protecting the human rights of people receiving care and support

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It’s simply not right. A proposed new law could mean people are forced to live in care homes even though it’s not what they want or need, just because it’s cheaper and easier for local councils. People living with dementia, learning difficulties or brain injuries could be wrongly deprived of their liberty and left with little say over the support they receive.

But there’s time to stop this. The bill isn’t law yet and its our MPs who will have the final say. Disability activists and Lords from a number of parties are speaking out about huge problems with the bill. But right now MPs aren’t hearing from the public.

Reclaiming Our Futures Alliance, a group of organisations that promote Disabled people’s equality, has set up a 38 Degrees petition to make sure the new law increases protections for people receiving support, not weakens them. MPs will soon vote on the new law – if hundreds and thousands of us sign the petition we can show them that we expect them to protect our rights and change the proposed law.

So, if you believe we all have a right to choose how and where we live, will you sign the petition today? It only takes a minute:


“We are not a problem that needs solving, we are people who have rights and those rights are taken away from us” – self advocate with learning difficulties.

We all have a right to choose how we live – living with dementia, learning difficulties or brain injuries doesn’t change this. Right now, if someone is judged unable to make decisions about their own care, they have an independent assessment that makes sure their wishes are listened to and the care that is provided is what they need. But the new law will get rid of these in the majority of cases.

No matter what, everyone deserves to have their human rights protected and their wishes respected. The only way to ensure this, is to change this new proposed law. As 38 Degrees-ers we all care about equality and our human rights, and with millions of us across the country, together we can make sure the new law protects our rights.

MPs will only listen if they know that thousands of us believe the law must increase protections, not weaken them. Will you sign the petition today?