Industry leading NHS backlog research commissioned by 38 Degrees

5 Jul 22

Authored by Matthew McGregor, CEO of 38 Degrees: The NHS is the best of Britain: an institution we all have a share and a stake in, which cares for us all, whoever we are. But the NHS is under strain like never before, and millions...

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NHS Backlog Posters

30 Jun 22

  We know how much the NHS means to us all. It was there for us during the pandemic, and over nearly 75 years has provided us with the critical health care we need in our daily lives. But right now, the NHS needs us...

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250,000 people say: Keep Channel 4 public

30 Jun 22

38 Degrees supporters have a long, proud history of fighting for public service broadcasting. Hundreds of thousands of our supporters have spoken out against – and prevented – cuts to the BBC budget. So when the Government announced plans last year to privatise Channel 4,...