Save our swifts

30 Jun 19

New studies show that the number of swifts flying to our shores this summer will be the lowest since records began – and the lack of homes for these summer visitors is a huge reason for this decline. Every summer, Swifts travel thousands of miles...


Trophy Hunting

19 Feb 19

British hunters are paying huge sums to travel abroad and kill threatened animalsincluding elephants, lions and rhinos – all to bring back their body parts as “trophies” to hang on the wall. Right now the government allows hundreds of animal trophies to be imported each...


Agriculture after Brexit

2 Nov 18

Our supermarket shelves could be flooded with low-quality food if we make dodgy trade deals after Brexit. [1] Decent British farmers could be put out of business by cheap imports from countries that treat animals badly and pollute the environment. [2] Tomorrow, MPs will have...


Animal Transport

17 Apr 18

No animal should have to travel hundreds or thousands of miles in the back of a lorry, trampled on, injured, overheated or hungry – only to be slaughtered at the end of the ordeal. But right now this is exactly what can happen to the...



29 Mar 18

Endangered British hedgehogs are waking up from hibernation and heading out into spring face a new threat. The government have just approved a trap, used in New Zealand to kill hedgehogs, for sale in the UK. [1] The trap delivers a powerful blow which kills...


Animal welfare

25 Jan 18

The law that protects animals is changing because of Brexit. And right now, it could go either way. [1] Powerful fox-hunting and factory farm lobbyists could push to water them down. [2] Or massive public pressure could make animal welfare laws stronger than ever. The...