Order a #BackingOurBBC poster

28 Feb 22

The Government has stepped up its attack on our BBC by rushing out announcements that risk its future. Now it’s time to step up our campaign to save it. If we can prove that we, the public, admire and value the Great British institution that...


BBC Licence Fee Victory!

27 Jan 21

We’re less than a month into 2021 and, while times are still tough for all of us, we’ve already secured a big win together. The UK government have just backed down from plans that could have slashed the BBC’s funding by hundreds of millions of...

Image shows Boris Johnson outside of a BBC building.

What we’ve done for our BBC

24 Apr 20

Bill in Nottinghamshire turns to the BBC “for reliable information on the current coronavirus outbreak”. Keith from Edmonton has two young girls who love the “creative ideas” they get from its kids shows. It’s why they – and 332,481 others – have spoken out against...

Don’t let Hunt get away with Murdoch

20 Jan 11

Last week we discovered that Jeremy Hunt had entered into confidential meetings with Rupert Murdoch over the future of Murdoch’s BSkyB bid. In November 38 Degrees handed in 60,000 messages to Ofcom asking them to get the bid in front of the Competition Commission. At...

BBC budget slashed

21 Oct 10

38 Degrees members have been defending the BBC ever since James Murdoch’s attack on it in August 2009. The reports that the government was pushing the BBC to accept “a license fee raid” triggered a discussion about what we should do on our facebook page,...

BBC Under Threat – the Minister’s reply

19 Aug 10

Tens of thousands of 38 Degrees members emailed their MPs after the Conservative Minister, Jeremy Hunt, launched an attack on the BBC by announcing plans to cut the licence fee in 2012. 38 Degrees members have been adding their MPs’ replies to this page on...