Your Electricity

7 Oct 16

The big six energy companies – like British Gas and Npower – are ripping us all off for billions of pounds a year. Today, their rip-off tactics made the front page of a national newspaper – and together we can do something about it. This week Theresa May...

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The Big Switch: the first 48 hours!

3 Mar 16

An incredible achievement! In just 48 hours, over 4000 of us have made the switch from the big, dirty energy companies to a cheaper, cleaner alternative. Collectively, we’ve saved over £1 million – imagine the conversations around the boardroom tables of the Big Six in the...

Npower’s excuses don’t stand up

21 May 13

It’s working! Thousands of 38 Degrees members have already switched away from Npower to a gas and electricity company who doesn’t dodge tax. Some of you may have received an email from Npower’s CEO Paul Massara when you emailed him to let him know that...

Npower: Online Advertising

21 May 13

Online adverts for the Big Tax Turnoff paid for by 38 Degrees members.   175,000 of us have signed the Npower petition against tax dodging and now it’s time to teach Npower a lesson. We asked members, who were also Npower customers, if we should all switch to another...

Npower pay your fair share: what next?

3 May 13

Npower are rattled. They’ve seen their huge tax dodge splashed all across the media, and they’re squirming under the pressure of more than 40,000 emails and a 170,000+ signature petition. Npower’s chief executive has agreed to meet 38 Degrees – but so far, he’s only...

Gas and Electricity Bills Poll: The Results

4 Dec 12

Gas and electricity companies will soon have to automatically switch customers to the lowest tariff available to them. In October, David Cameron promised to force gas and electricity companies to give all their customers the cheapest deal. Following this announcement 38 Degrees members then wrote to their MPs...