Update: bottle deposit scheme

9 May 19

Millions of plastic bottles are littering our streets and beaches. They don’t rot or decompose, so they end up polluting our environment and harming precious wildlife. Now Environment Secretary Michael Gove is wavering on a simple solution to this massive problem. Last year he promised to...


Bottle Deposits: We won!

28 Mar 18

Amazing news: we’ve convinced Michael Gove to bring back bottle deposits! Hundreds of thousands of 38 Degrees-ers are part of this win. So when you hear it announced on the news you can feel an extra sense of pride. Environmental charity Surfers Against Sewage started...


Bottle Deposits – next steps

28 Feb 18

Michael Gove is delaying plans to bring back a “bottle deposit scheme” to stop plastic pollution. [1] Today MPs are calling him out on it. [2] Newspapers are too. [3] Michael Gove will be feeling the heat. All that’s missing is a huge wave of...


Bottle Deposits: Survey

8 Nov 17

This news says it all. 80% of people in Britain don’t think recycling systems are doing enough to tackle plastic pollution. [1] It’s splashed across headlines, thanks to public polling paid by 38 Degrees members just like you. It proves that the public want something...


Bottle Deposits Survey

27 Sep 17

Plastic bottles are littering our high streets, parks and beaches. They don’t rot, so they end up clogging up landfill sites and the sea. But we could change that. 270,000 of us have already signed the petition for one simple solution: to bring back a bottle deposit scheme.  Now, it’s...


Bottle Deposit

20 Sep 17

Can you believe it? Everyday the UK throws away 16 million plastic bottles, these end up littering our beaches, countryside and parks. Plastic pollution is a huge problem – but there is a quick and simple solution. We just have to act fast. A bottle...