Corby Urgent Care Centre

We saved Corby urgent care centre

19 Oct 17

Thanks to thousands of 38 Degrees members, the doors of the Corby NHS urgent care centre are open today.  Instead of travelling miles to the nearest A&E, patients are getting the care they need locally. And it’s all thanks to people power. When 38 Degrees...

Reinstate a Lollipop Person at Oakwood Academy School

17 May 17

Reinstate a lollipop person who will help children cross a very busy road at school times This is about the health and safety of the children of surrounding areas. We need a lollipop person to protect them from being hit by vehicles. A young girl...


Save Ongar Leisure Centre

17 May 17

Ongar is about to lose its only leisure centre. The council want to knock it down to make way for just a handful of homes. Thousands of children have learned to swim in the centre’s pool and without a leisure centre on their doorstep, many...


Complete the BearsWay Project

17 May 17

The BearsWay project is an important initiative for increasing sustainable transport. It has sadly been shouted down by a small but vocal minority who do not like the changes. They have been reiterating several pieces of misinformation (below), and it seems that the local councillors...


Build a Skate Park at Portishead Lake Grounds

16 May 17

Give landowner’s consent for a skate park at Portishead Lake Grounds. Planning permission was granted in 2011 and there is growing demand for this facility – we are asking that you support the development of a skate park as a positive new addition to the...


Deliveroo in Edinburgh

15 May 17

We all want a fair deal at work, but some people in Edinburgh are being taken for a ride. Deliveroo, a company that delivers takeaway food, is using a loophole to dodge paying their staff for holidays or sick pay. We can help stop this....