Fracking – contact your MSP

29 Sep 17

The Scottish Government are about to make a huge decision on fracking. We could be just weeks away from getting fracking banned for good. Or, if their decision goes the wrong way, Scotland’s beautiful landscape and pure water could be put at risk by this...

38 Degrees members and other campaigners at the Scottish Parliament

Scotland, us and fracking

6 Jun 17

More than 22,000 of us have told the Scottish Government to ban fracking. Last week we handed in our petition to the Scottish Government’s energy minister, Paul Wheelhouse. Along with other campaigners we’ve submitted our objections to fracking as part of the Scottish Government’s consultation...


Protect Sherwood Forest

18 May 17

In a matter of weeks, Sherwood Forest, Britain’s most famous woodland, could be at risk. A huge energy company called Ineos wants to explore underneath it to frack for gas. Unless thousands of us get involved, Sherwood Forest could be filled with spluttering lorries, heavy...


Permanently ban fracking in Scotland

27 Apr 17

Together we’ve got the media talking about something other than the election. Thanks to research funded by 38 Degrees members, the papers are talking about the danger fracking could pose to Scotland’s whisky. The whisky industry employs more than 10,000 people and brings in billions...


Government cover-up: over 100,000 38 Degrees members demand secret report released

7 Jun 16

Yesterday over 100,000 38 Degrees members called on the government to publish the report it’s kept secret on the impact of fracking in the UK. 38 Degrees members handed the big petition in to government officials in Westminster, and are now waiting for the government’s...

Fracking: The People’s Declaration

24 May 16

North Yorkshire council have given fracking companies the green light to drill for shale gas – a dirty fossil fuel. It’s the first time in five years a council has voted to allow fracking – it sets a dangerous precedent for more fracking across the country....