Ukraine update

9 Mar 22

The situation in Ukraine is heart-breaking and enraging.  The scenes and reports of destruction and death make us all despair – especially the disaster emerging in Mariupol where civilians cannot even access clear water.  The fact that this is happening in the first place fills...


Ukraine & how 38 Degrees supporters are trying to help

2 Mar 22

Russia’s decision to invade Ukraine is shocking and horrifying. Seeing scenes of destruction, knowing that a wave of death and misery is sweeping the country, is enraging, distressing, and numbing. The reaction of the international community has been powerful, with sanctions imposed and aid starting...

saudi petition

Stop UK-Saudi Arabia Arms Trade

25 Jun 19

For years our government has sold millions of pounds worth of weapons to Saudi Arabia that are being used to kill and displace millions of people in Yemen. We’re profiting from what’s been called “the worst humanitarian crisis” of our time. Saudi Arabia has been...

Standing up for human rights: Messages to Sajid Javid

23 Jul 18

Today 38 Degrees-ers in their thousands are tweeting their MPs, calling on them to condemn Sajid Javid’s plan to allow two British people to potentially face the death penalty in the US. Please read below to see just some of the messages sent in from...


Save the Windrush Generation: Petition hand in

18 Apr 18

Last week, 38 Degrees-er Christine started up a petition calling on the Home Office to stop deporting “Windrush Generation” Commonwealth citizens who’ve made their lives in the UK. This week the petition hit 100,000 (in just a few days!) and 38 Degrees staff member, Ruby,...


Let refugee children live safely with their families

5 Mar 18

Refugee children who flee war torn countries and terror are facing life in the UK alone, thousands of miles from their parents. Right now they don’t have the right to bring their families to live with them in the UK. [1] Families are being broken up by...