A cartoon showing a number of campaigners.

Where should I set up my petition?

19 Jun 20

If you are thinking about setting up a petition you might be wondering which website you should use. Here are a few reasons why 38 Degrees is the best place to go…   What makes 38 Degrees unique? 🧡 Our values drive us. Unlike for-profit...


Essex Libraries

13 Feb 19

Up to 44 libraries across Essex are facing closure – and dozens more are set to have their hours reduced if Essex County Council plans go ahead. [1] Libraries are essential to our communities and without them people will have to travel further to borrow books, or...


Rothbury Hospital

1 Jun 18

Imagine having to do a 60-mile round-trip to see an ill relative in hospital. That’s what people near Rothbury face after a ward at their local hospital shut. [1] Together, 3,500 members of 38 Degrees have signed a petition to keep the ward open. [2]...


Light up Llanfyllin!

7 Dec 16

LIGHT UP LLANFYLLIN! Campaign created by Rosie Larmour-Jones Sign the petition To: Powys County Council What: Turn the street lights back on in Llanfyllin as it’s hazardous walking around the town after 5pm Why is this important: If you live here I’m sure you will...

Hornsey Town Hall – Reconsider the Decision

19 Oct 16

A campaign was recently set up by the Hornsey Town Hall Appreciation Society in order to request Haringey council to reconsider the decision to dispose of Hornsey Town Hall to a buyer who wants to turn it into a luxury boutique hotel in the face...

Idea for a Calverton BMX Track!

13 Oct 16

A campaign was recently set up by Liam Slaterin in order to help with funding and plans and permission for a BMX track to be built on the William Lee Memorial Park Calverton. Why is this important? A rusty, dangerous and abandoned skate park sits...