Image shows Boris Johnson outside of a BBC building.

What we’ve done for our BBC

24 Apr 20

Bill in Nottinghamshire turns to the BBC “for reliable information on the current coronavirus outbreak”. Keith from Edmonton has two young girls who love the “creative ideas” they get from its kids shows. It’s why they – and 332,481 others – have spoken out against...


Walkers Crisps Campaign – We’re in the news

27 Sep 18

BREAKING: the campaign to get Walkers crisps to ditch plastic packaging is headline news!  Because hundreds of thousands of us got involved, every newspaper and TV screen is talking about the millions of Walkers crisp packets polluting our beaches and rivers. Robin Priestley from 38...

Press release: NHS beds

22 Nov 16

Below is the full 38 Degrees press release on our crowdfunded investigation into the number of spare beds available across NHS England: For immediate release Contact: Luke Ilott at 38 Degrees – 02074157179 Controversial new NHS plans could worsen NHS bed occupancy crisis across England...

38 Degrees members in the news

5 Aug 15

Bees a crucial to life on earth and more than half a million 38 Degrees members have been part of the campaign to stop bee-killing pesticides being allowed back on our fields. Despite a Europe wide ban on a very dangerous type of pesticide called ‘neonics’...

Thought for the day

7 Feb 14

Bishop Harries talked about 38 Degrees on his “Thought for the day” piece on the Today Programme on Radio 4 this morning. You can listen to an MP3 recording of what he said here. In his thought for the day he said “Public expectations and...

We’re in the papers!

28 Jan 14

Full page ads are running in The Telegraph, The Independent, The Guardian and the i today. They ask MPs and Lords to fix the worst bits of the gagging law – and they look great! Together, the papers have a circulation of over 1 million...