Corby Urgent Care Centre

We saved Corby urgent care centre

19 Oct 17

Thanks to thousands of 38 Degrees members, the doors of the Corby NHS urgent care centre are open today.  Instead of travelling miles to the nearest A&E, patients are getting the care they need locally. And it’s all thanks to people power. When 38 Degrees...

filibusters take 2 final

NHS Reinstatement Bill: Filibustered

15 Mar 16

Last Friday, a group of MPs killed off a new law that could have achieved everything 38 Degrees members want for our NHS: protecting it from profit-driven companies and stopping government cuts. Their trick? Talking for so long that they ran out of time for a debate...

NHS England: they’ve published their spending!

1 Dec 14

NHS England – the people Jeremy Hunt put in charge of our NHS – kept promising to show us how they’re spending NHS money. They said they’d publish their receipts by 1st November, but we were left waiting. So 38 Degrees members teamed up with...

NHS England: petition hand-in

19 Nov 14

This is a guest blog from Tamasin Cave at Spinwatch. 38 Degrees members have teamed up with Spinwatch to uncover the truth on NHS England’s big spending. “Today I went to NHS England to hand over our 75,000-strong petition demanding that they come clean about...

NHS England: What on earth are we paying for?

11 Nov 14

Could Jeremy Hunt’s NHS executives be wasting millions of pounds of our money? For weeks, NHS England – the people he put in charge of our NHS – have been promising to show how they are spending our money. They said they’d publish their receipts...

Save our NHS – hundreds descend on meeting with NHS bosses

23 Sep 14

Last Thursday, NHS bosses met to discuss the future of our NHS and I’m sure they’re in no doubt about what 38 Degrees members want. The room was buzzing with energy as 38 Degrees members asked questions on privatisation, TTIP, whistle-blowing and funding cuts. And...