NHS: Mental Health Funding Poll

16 Nov 17

We need your help to make an important decision. A Labour MP has set up a campaign on 38 Degrees, calling for mental health funding to be protected. [1] But 38 Degrees is totally independent from political parties, and it’s the members like you that...


NHS Report: Email your MP

16 Nov 17

It’s worse than we thought. 38 Degrees’ damning report into the NHS, funded by thousands of us, has revealed 70 frontline services have been threatened with closure. And that’s over just four months. [1] A&E departments, maternity units and GP surgeries are all facing the...

The State of the NHS: rationing and closures as cuts bite

15 Nov 17

Executive summary The founding principle of the NHS is universally accessible health care that is free at the point of use. With increasing demand and diminishing budgets, this founding principle is at risk. New analysis by 38 Degrees has uncovered the impact of funding pressures...


NHS Report: Update

13 Nov 17

We’re so close. The damning report about the state of the NHS is nearly finished. Right now expert researchers are dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s. It paints a stark picture that proves our NHS needs more money, fast. It makes a shocking read....

NHS: Open letter to your MP

8 Nov 17

Right now, Chancellor Philip Hammond is deciding what the government should spend money on in the year ahead. He’ll announce his Budget in three weeks. [1] If we’re going to make sure the NHS gets the funding it needs, we need to act fast. Here’s...


NHS: Winter Crisis

3 Nov 17

This is unacceptable. Thousands and thousands of people are getting stuck in ambulances waiting for emergency care. They’ve called 999 for help, but because hospitals are so full their ambulances have to queue up outside A&E. [1] It’s another sign our NHS is struggling to...