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NHS Winter Crisis 2018 Campaigning

17 Jan 18

38 Degrees-ers stand up for our NHS and the incredible hard-working staff who are there for us when we need it most. Hundreds of thousands of us said campaigning on the funding crisis in our NHS is our top priority for 2018. So when news...

NHS hospital

NHS Winter Crisis: Petition

16 Jan 18

It’s worse than we thought. New polling, paid for by 38 Degrees members, shows that nearly four million people in England have been left waiting for care because of the NHS crisis. [1] That’s millions of us who’ve had operations or appointments cancelled, or have...


NHS Funding Crisis: hospitals on red or black alert

10 Jan 18

Hospitals across England have been under intense pressure this winter. Thousands of operations had to be cancelled. In the past this level of crisis was known as hospitals being on ‘red alert’ or ‘black alert’ and so the media is referring to this current situation...


NHS Winter Crisis

9 Jan 18

NHS winter crisis: hospitals on red or black alert DISCLAIMER: the information on this page was last updated on January 18th, 2018. Hospitals across England are at breaking point. Thousands of operations are being cancelled. People are being treated in corridors. In the past this...

Britain’s Health Secretary Hunt delivers his keynote address at the annual Conservative Party Conference in Birmingham, Britain

NHS’ Constitution

22 Dec 17

Our NHS is being pushed to the brink. NHS bosses say it simply can’t meet the promises to patients that are written into its constitution – that’s the legal guarantee that says what care we’re all entitled to. [1] It could mean waiting months for...


NHS: Budget Tomorrow

20 Nov 17

In just 48 hours, Chancellor Philip Hammond will announce what the government will spend money on next year. [1] He could decide to give the NHS the money it desperately needs. [2] But he’ll only do it if he knows the public expect him to....