We love our NHS poster – and ad!

21 Nov 14

Here’s a poster you can put in your window: And this is the advert 38 Degrees members paid for to go in the Guardian newspaper this morning, telling MPs we’re watching them:

Save Our NHS petitions straight to MPs

21 Nov 14

This morning 38 Degrees members delivered the Save Our NHS petition directly to MPs in parliament. On behalf of over 230,000 38 Degrees members, Raj, Andy, Amanda, Rachel, Jane and Pamela handed MPs certificates with details of the number of constituents who’d signed their petition....

A law to reverse NHS privatisation: how MPs voted

21 Nov 14

Here’s how MPs voted at the second reading of the National Health Service (Amended Duties and Powers) Bill. If they weren’t in Westminster at all, they don’t appear on this list. Data sourced from the parliamentary record. AYES Abbott, Ms Diane Abrahams, Debbie Ainsworth, rh...

All eyes on your MP

18 Nov 14

Urgent: on Friday, MPs will vote on a new law to rein in NHS privatisation. If it passes, it would scrap the worst parts of the Health and Social Care Act – the terrible law which is forcing the steady privatisation and break-up of our...

Save our NHS: 644 petitions – but not your constituency

18 Nov 14

Hello! Wondering why you’ve ended up here? If you live in: Bristol South – your MP is Dawn Primarolo Epping Forest – your MP is Eleanor Laing Chorley – your MP is Lindsay Hoyle Buckingham – your MP is John Bercow Eltham – your MP...

Privatisation in the NHS

14 Nov 14

Next Friday, MPs will vote on a law to stop the privatisation that is tearing apart our NHS. They’ll be voting on a proposal to curb the worst parts of the government’s Health and Social Care Act – that’s the law that is seeing the...