Edinburgh, 25th, April, 2018

Scottish Fishing Communities: open letter hand in

30 Apr 18

Last week on the 26th April, 38 Degrees folk handed in an open letter addressed to Ruth Davidson and Scottish Conservative MPs asking them to stand up for Scottish fishing. Together we handed the open letter to Peter Chapman MSP, Scottish Conservative Shadow Cabinet Secretary...


Fishing in Scotland: Open Letter

6 Apr 18

We’ve got a chance to protect Scotland’s fishing industry – but we have to act fast. After Brexit, powers over fishing could come to Holyrood. [1] But under a new law that the UK Government’s pushing through, that control would go straight to Westminster. [2]...

68% of Scots don’t want Trump’s new golf course

1 Feb 18

More than two-thirds of Scots want Donald Trump to be stopped from  building a second golf course near Aberdeen according to a poll commissioned by 38 Degrees. Polling carried out by Survation for the campaign organisation found that, of those who expressed an opinion 68%...


Scotland’s NHS

25 Jan 18

Scotland’s NHS needs our help. New figures show that in one week this year almost 1,500 Scots were forced to wait more than 8 hours – and some as many as 12 hours – to be treated in A&E departments. [1] That’s just not good...


Scottish tax: loophole petition

25 Jan 18

This is awkward. The Scottish government are about to hand some of the highest earners in the country a tax cut – by mistake. [1] Their current budget plans include an accidental loophole that gives a £90 million tax cut to people earning between £43,000...


Scotland’s tax

16 Jan 18

A Budget loophole could mean the Scottish government are about to give some of the highest earners in the country a tax cut – by mistake. [1] Just before Christmas, the Scottish government announced bold changes to income tax – and 38 Degrees members helped...