Scottish Devolution

14 Nov 17

Picture the scene: it’s a few years from now, and the Brexit dust is beginning to settle. The deals have been done and decisions made. But powers over devolved issues that once sat with the EU now sit with the government in Westminster. Miles away...


Are you on board?

13 Nov 17

Last week 38 Degrees members voted on the principles they believe should shape Scottish tax reform. These principles came after 14,000 of us voted on which of the Scottish Government’s tax policy options we most supported. Here’s what 38 Degrees members said. We asked our...

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How have you voted on Scottish tax reforms?

10 Nov 17

The results are in. Last week we sent out an email asking our Scottish members which of the four tax reform approaches proposed by the Scottish government they preferred. 14,177 Scots cast their vote, and here’s what you told us: Option 1: No increases for...


Scottish tax reform

2 Nov 17

This is interesting, and a bit different. Today First Minister Nicola Sturgeon outlined different options the government is considering for changing income tax in Scotland. Fairer taxes mean better schools, public transport, hospitals. It’s how you make a more equal society. But too often politicians...

38 Degrees members and other campaigners at the Scottish Parliament

“Fracking cannot and will not take place in Scotland”

3 Oct 17

We’ve done it! After months and months of campaigning by 38 Degrees members and many others, the Scottish Government have said: “Fracking cannot and will not take place in Scotland“. Across Scotland, we worked together in our tens of thousands to protect our countryside and...


Nicola Sturgeon- Scottish Tax Rises

20 Sep 17

Nicola Sturgeon just made a bold proposal. She wants an “open conversation” on tax increases to help Scotland tackle inequality and improve public services. If she follows through, it could be the answer to so many of the things we all care about: like hospitals,...