Update: Westminster – Keep your promises to Scotland

3 Oct 14

Together a whopping 105,000 members of 38 Degrees have signed the petition calling on Westminster to honour its promise of giving more powers to Scotland. It’s been an exciting week for the campaign, the Daily Record splashed the petition across its front page. Nicola Sturgeon from the Scottish...

Cameron, Clegg and Miliband: keep your promises to Scotland

19 Sep 14

Scotland has voted ‘no’ to independence. As half the country celebrates, the other half hurts. Scotland will stay in the UK, but 45% ‘yes’ is a clear vote for change. So what now for Scotland? Do we go back to business as usual? Or do...

Are you jealous of the Scots?

16 Sep 14

The vote’s on a knife-edge. A week today, Scotland could be independent. And England could be left behind.

 Everything’s on the table in Scotland: they’re discussing the future of a country. The debate has at times been hopeful, inspiring, and thoughtful. It’s also been very,...