Update: Universal Credit

4 Feb 19

This is great news! The government has delayed their controversial plans to move 3 million more people onto Universal Credit. Fewer families will now be forced onto the streets and into food banks this winter. Together, thousands of us emailed our MPs, sent tweets and facebook messages...

Universal Credit

17 Oct 18

Families relying on food banks. People forced onto the streets. Even, in some cases, deaths. [1] These are the effects of Universal Credit. It’s a benefit system the government say they designed to make it easier for people to put a roof over their heads...

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Tax credits win

25 Nov 15

George Osborne has just announced that he’s TOTALLY SCRAPPING PLANS TO CUT TAX CREDITS! Osborne is still making other announcements about his spending plans. There may well be stings in the tail, and we’ll need to check the small print. But this much is clear...

The video George Osborne doesn’t want you to see

21 Nov 15

This is the last video George Osborne will want to see spreading across social media. It exposes the truth about his cuts to tax credits – and shows what people power can do to stop him. Share on Facebook Last month, 38 Degrees members pulled together...

Spotted in Thurrock

Spotted in local areas across the country

21 Nov 15

Have you seen these vans and leaflets around your town? 38 Degrees members have chipped in together to expose Conservative MPs for their position on Osborne’s devastating cuts. Check out the pictures below – and if you see the vans out and about please send...

Newton Abbot

A guest blog: tax credits petition delivery to Anne Marie Morris MP

20 Nov 15

Below is a guest blog from Rev. Joe Haward, from Newton Abbot, about his experience of a petition hand-in against the cuts to tax credits to Anne Marie Morris MP: “I met with Anne Marie Morris MP today to discuss the proposed tax credit cuts, cuts that will...