Wallonia in Belgium blocks CETA

25 Oct 16

The dodgy trade deal known as CETA has been blocked! The deal was due to be signed this Thursday. But yesterday, the parliament of Wallonia, part of Belgium, refused to sign. Instead, they sided with millions of us across Europe – a huge, people-powered roadblock....


An Open Letter To The Austrian Chancellor On CETA

5 Oct 16

While TTIP might be dead, there’s a copycat trade deal waiting in the wings.  This is CETA, it’d allow big businesses to sue our governments and it’s due to be signed in just a few weeks time.  We’re not the only ones concerned about the...


What happened at the TTIP committee vote: the facts

2 Jun 15

Last Thursday, members of the European Parliament voted in support of one of the worst bits of the TTIP trade deal – the part that would let corporations sue our government if our laws dent their profits. Five politicians from the UK had a vote, as...


9 Oct 14

Last month, Vince Cable- Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills- wrote to MPs trying to convince them that TTIP isn’t a threat. The arguments he uses are very similar to those that politicians in support of TTIP are coming out with. Thankfully, expert...

TTIP: European Day of Action

3 Oct 14

Right now, big businesses are quietly persuading the government to sign one of the most dangerous trade deals you may never have heard of – the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership – TTIP for short. It’s a deal between the US and the EU that would...

38 Degrees members attend Sheffield TTIP Roadshow

1 Oct 14

TTIP is the shady trade deal that that would allow big corporations to sue the government for loss of profit. The EU-US deal, negotiated behind closed doors, could lead to permanent privatisation of the NHS. BritishAmericanBusiness is organising events to promote TTIP – they represent...