Trump’s Visit

7 Dec 17

It’s official: Trump’s hateful travel ban has been given the green light – for now. [1] It’ll tear apart millions of families and destroy thousands of people’s careers. And our Prime Minister looks like she’s endorsing this hatred and racism by letting Trump visit the...


Stop Trump’s Golf Course

25 Aug 17

Donald Trump wants to dump another one of his golf courses on an unspoilt stretch of Scottish coast. His organisation want to build in Menie, Aberdeenshire but locals, environment bodies and 10,000 members of 38 Degrees are saying “no”. Aberdeenshire Council have the power to...


Sign the open letter to get a good trade deal with the US

28 Jul 17

Chlorine-washed chicken and hormone-fed beef could be heading to our fridges. As you read this Liam Fox, the minister in charge of trade, is negotiating a deal with Donald Trump and lower food safety standards could be on the table. Liam Fox is desperate to...


UK-US Trade – Have Your Say

16 Feb 17

President Trump is getting ready to thrash out a trade deal with the UK. This week an influential group of MPs are asking for ideas on how the UK should approach the deal. What they say will impact what the government does. Lots of international...

President Trump

Help Fund Top Lawyers to Defeat Trump’s Ban: ACLU Fundraiser

30 Jan 17

Donald Trump is trying to ban Muslims from entering America. Over the weekend, his new rules meant people who have the right to live in America were pulled off planes and stopped from entering the country they live in, simply because of where they were...


Defend Women’s Healthcare Across the World

28 Jan 17

Donald Trump has banned international charities from providing abortions if they receive US funding. It’ll force women all over the world to get backstreet abortions – which lead to thousands of deaths every year. The Dutch government has responded to Trump’s attack on women’s rights...