38 Degrees members are putting pressure on Rishi Sunak not to scrap the £20 Universal Credit uplift

12 Feb 21

Rishi Sunak is making important decisions about our future right now – as he decides what support will be given in his budget next month.  This budget could put people, and a fair coronavirus recovery, at its heart. But right now he’s still considering cutting...

Children lining up to receive school meals

Free School Meals Vouchers Victory

14 Jan 21

We did it! Yesterday, we helped force the government into yet another u-turn – the ‘woefully inadequate’ parcels first approach to free school meals has been abandoned. Boris Johnson announced that parents will be given food vouchers again, instead of food parcels and with it,...


Food bank labels

18 Jan 19

Unable to afford the basics, thousands of families will be turning to food banks to feed hungry stomachs this Christmas. It’s heartbreaking that anyone has to rely on donations for their next meal – but this year it’s the reality for more families than ever...


Will you message Google and Apple about bullying app Sarahah

7 Feb 18

Sarahah, an app that lets bullies send hate filled messages anonymously, is coming under fire. 120,000 of us, have signed the petition against the app, and stories of the horrific bullying are making a splash in national papers. [1] But so far the app’s creators haven’t responded....


Full Ban of Sarahah

26 Jan 18

It’s like putting the school bully in a child’s pocket. A mobile phone app called Sarahah lets bullies send abusive messages anonymously. And it’s already spreading like wildfire across our schools – countless children’s lives are being made miserable right now [1]. The dangerous app has hit the headlines...

Universal Credit & the Budget: Update

23 Nov 17

Update: the government is feeling the pressure to fix the problems with Universal Credit, the scheme that’s meant to give financial help to families struggling to get by. They’ve just announced they won’t make people wait as long before they can get the help they...