38 Degrees is one of the UK’s biggest campaigning communities, involving over 2 million supporters who campaign to make the UK a better place. We’re united by a shared vision to create a fairer and more respectful UK and a more sustainable world. 

We have three vacancies for Non-Executive Directors for our Board

We want to strengthen the overall mix of skills across the Board, to add to the deep experience and knowledge of the existing board members. We will therefore be considering what candidates bring both individually and collectively with other candidates.

38 Degrees’ Board is responsible for supporting and holding to account the CEO and Senior Leadership Team. This includes ensuring appropriate governance of the organisation, overseeing overall strategy, managing strategic risk, monitoring financial performance and interrogating the big strategic choices and high-level decisions about the running of 38 Degrees.

Alongside the membership and the staff team, the Board also acts as guardian of 38 Degrees’ mission and values. Each board member needs to embrace and uphold the supporter-driven approach. That means being able to put aside their personal political beliefs, constantly maintaining their understanding of our supporters and holding the SLT to account for their approach to supporter involvement.

38 Degrees has a passionate and committed Board. We are looking for new Board members to add further depth to the governance of this important organisation. 

This is an unremunerated position, with a time commitment of between 5-6 days per year. 

If you are interested in this position please read our Board Pack which provides more information about this position, the details of how to apply can also be found in the pack. 

The Board pack can be found here.