End of 2017 wrap up

31 Dec 17

Together, we won some tough fights in 2017. Here’s what all those small actions added up to: We pushed Michael Gove, the...

Britain’s Health Secretary Hunt delivers his keynote address at the annual Conservative Party Conference in Birmingham, Britain

NHS’ Constitution

22 Dec 17

Our NHS is being pushed to the brink. NHS bosses say it simply can’t meet the promises to patients that are written...


Use your vote: Results & Report!

22 Dec 17

I’ve found out something exciting, and want to tell you straight away. A leading academic has just sent me a report proving...


Breaking News: Scottish Tax

19 Dec 17

BREAKING: the Scottish Government has announced plans to make tax in Scotland fairer – cutting income tax for the lowest earners, increasing it...


Holiday Pay

18 Dec 17

Some government ministers want to use Brexit to scrap the law that gives you paid holiday and regular breaks at work. [1] Right...


Delegated Powers: Update

12 Dec 17

Incredible. 381,000 people have already signed the petition to stop Theresa May’s plan to rewrite UK laws behind closed doors after Brexit....