NHS Meetups are a chance to meet with other members in your area who care about the NHS.

The first get-together will be a chance to get to know each other and talk about the NHS, especially about the NHS in your area. It can be a coffee morning after your school run, over a drink in your local, or meeting in someone’s living room. It’s an informal way to create a community of 38 Degrees members who love our NHS. And you don’t need to be an expert to come along.

You can chat with other members before you set a date and time. Then, once you all find a day that works for the most people, make it official on the 38 Degrees Organise Hub so the office team can invite others to it and give you some help for the day.

At the end of the first meetup, you may want to make a plan for the next time you’ll all get together – one idea is to have a NHS party to celebrate all it’s done for us!

The office team will send everyone information beforehand, and you’ll have the results from the NHS survey in your local area, too!

Ready to start chatting with other 38 Degrees members in your area to decide a date and time? Just click the link below. Or, if you have a few more questions, please do keep reading.


Ok, I’m ready – where do I sign up?

Click the button to set up or attend a NHS meetup:


Where should the meetup happen?

Good places to meet include (but aren’t limited to):

  • A local cafe
  • A local pub
  • A living-room volunteered by a 38 Degrees member
When should the meetup happen?

Anytime that works for the most people! Often weekends work best, but you’ll be able to talk to people in your area before the meetup time is made. There’s no time limit on when NHS Meetups can happen.

Somebody who attends the meetup could write notes for the first couple get-togethers – this way, people who can’t attend the first meeting can join in later.

Will I receive any materials?

Yes! The office team will send out lots of information a few days before your meeting, including:

  • How people in your area responded to the NHS survey
  • Tips to make the meetup a fun day
  • Information on the NHS nationally and locally

It will also all be posted here once it’s ready, so keep checking back.

If I list the meetup, am I responsible for organising it?

Definitely not – everyone who’s attending the meetup will be part of making the day a big success. There a place where anyone can suggest something they’d like to do for the day or on the day.


There's already a 38 Degrees local group here - how does this fit in?

This meetup is a chance for 38 Degrees members who care about the NHS to meet.

If you’re already part of a local group – you’re welcome to help set a date for the meetup, attend this meetup, or chat with people who attended later on to see how you can work together.

38 Degrees works through people-power – so this meetup is a way for people who haven’t previously been involved locally to get involved with people who are already involved.

It’s all about creating a community of people who care about the NHS.

There's already an active NHS group here - how does this fit in?

That’s up to you and your new group – you can work with the other group or work independently of the new group.

Please do remember to leave any party-affiliations at the door – 38 Degrees campiagns are non-party political.

I'm having trouble signing into the organising hub.

You may have an account already – especially if you joined previous days of action or petition hand-ins. If this is the case, please sign-in. You can reset your password if you’re a little unsure.


Ok, I’m ready – where do I sign up?

Click the button to set up or attend a NHS meetup:


Why start a new group?

So 38 Degrees members who care about our NHS can meet each other and create a community.

How will we know what to talk about with the NHS?

The office team will send you lots of information about the NHS to get you started – including what people in your area think about the NHS locally – and once you all start talking, you’ll be surprised how much you have to say about the NHS!

You definitely don’t need to be an expert!

I'm still a bit unsure about this.

Why not chat with other members in your area about this meetup first? You can do this here: http://organise.38degrees.org.uk/mobilisations/16

I have a question that wasn't answered here.

Please do email emailtheteam@38degrees.org.uk with your questions, or call the office team on 020 7970 6023.