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Photos: London honeybee night

4 Oct 16

Here are some of the photos from the honeybee event: We saw inside a training box to see how a beehive really works.             What was your favourite fact from the presentation?   Guess what’s what ^^^ You can buy...

cardiff 1

Bees adventure in Cardiff

23 Aug 16

38 Degrees members have been getting together to learn more about some fascinating creatures – bumblebees! There are 24 species of bumblebee in the UK all with unique traits and characteristics. Below are some photos of the event in Cardiff, enjoy! These are bees native...

Tree Bumblebee on a first year Phacelia 005 – 1-3

Bees- 1, Pesticide companies – 0

6 Jul 16

We’ve done it! Again! 38 Degrees members have helped protect our bees – by pressuring the government to keep the ban on bee-killing pesticides this summer. Here’s how we did it – how hundreds of thousands of 38 Degrees members piled the pressure on the...

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How does your garden grow?

6 Jul 16

38 Degrees members across the country have been planting wildflower seeds to make their gardens bee-friendly this summer. We asked you to share photos of your flowers in bloom and  below are just some of the photos shared. Here is the story that they tell… It...


Protect bees in Scotland

18 May 16

British bees can breathe a tiny sigh of relief. The Westminster government’s decided to keep its ban on bee-killing pesticides south of the Border. Borders don’t mean anything to bees so this is great news for the campaign to protect them in Scotland too. Here’s...

bumble bee on flower

Bees get a break

18 May 16

British bees can breathe a tiny sigh of relief. The government’s decided to keep the ban on bee-killing pesticides. They’ve listened to the science, and the hundreds of thousands of us who were speaking up for our bees. There’s a sting in the tail though....