Pandora Papers Petition Hand in to No.10

18 Nov 21

Today 38 Degrees and Tax Justice UK staff handed in our joint huge petition to Downing Street. Over 116,000 people have now signed the petition to Boris Johnson asking him to crack down on tax dodging and close the loopholes used by the rich and...

"2021" balancing on a pile of coins

Spring Budget 2021: Your Questions Answered

1 Mar 21

The 2021 Budget is being watched very closely by people all over the UK. That’s because the coronavirus pandemic has had a massive impact on the economy, and the Budget announcements will lay out the government’s plans for recovery. Here are the answers to all...


Breaking News: Scottish Tax

19 Dec 17

BREAKING: the Scottish Government has announced plans to make tax in Scotland fairer – cutting income tax for the lowest earners, increasing it for the richest, and raising £164 million more for our hospitals, schools and roads. [1] For the last two months, 38 Degrees members...


Are you on board?

13 Nov 17

Last week 38 Degrees members voted on the principles they believe should shape Scottish tax reform. These principles came after 14,000 of us voted on which of the Scottish Government’s tax policy options we most supported. Here’s what 38 Degrees members said. We asked our...


Scottish tax reform

2 Nov 17

This is interesting, and a bit different. Today First Minister Nicola Sturgeon outlined different options the government is considering for changing income tax in Scotland. Fairer taxes mean better schools, public transport, hospitals. It’s how you make a more equal society. But too often politicians...

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Is this really how they’re spending the ‘tampon tax’ money?

7 Apr 17

The government has announced they are going to give some of our tax money to an anti-abortion group. It’s money that comes from the “tampon tax”, the extra money we pay on sanitary products. Money that the government promised would go to charities that help...