North east hertfordshire

No-deal no more?

11 Sep 19

38 Degrees members helped stop the government’s plan to push through a disastrous no-deal Brexit. That’s something to be proud of. On...

essex libraries

Victory: Essex libraries

10 Jul 19

Essex County Council have today announced that ALL libraries across the county have been saved from closure. Thanks to campaigners from all...

debate image

Don’t shut down Parliament

10 Jul 19

Last night – on national television – Boris Johnson refused to rule out the unthinkable. If he becomes Prime Minister, he could...


Provide support information after all TV shows that feature sexual violence

8 Jul 19

Some of the content of this blog post might be upsetting for anyone who has experienced sexual harassment or assault. This is...

Asbestos in schools

8 Jul 19

Cancer-causing asbestos is in schools up and down the country. But right now it’s impossible for parents to know if the school...


Give social care the funding it needs

6 Jul 19

People across England are struggling to get the care they need to live dignified and independent lives. Many older people rely on...

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