Universal Credit

17 Oct 18

Families relying on food banks. People forced onto the streets. Even, in some cases, deaths. [1] These are the effects of Universal...


Our NHS & the budget

17 Oct 18

Some MPs are playing political games with our NHS. [1] We’re used to the usual headlines of politicians arguing and infighting. But...



17 Oct 18

We’ve got a huge opportunity to help our bugs and bees. Right now they’re under threat from lost countryside and wildflowers. It...


Our NHS shouldn’t be up for negotiation

17 Oct 18

The NHS as we know it is at risk. A group of lobbyists have published a plan for a US-UK trade deal....



17 Oct 18

When the company Carillion collapsed, the hospitals, care homes, prisons, and railways it was working on were thrown into chaos. [1] Taxpayers...


Walkers announce a new recycling scheme for crisp packets!

5 Oct 18

Breaking news: Walkers have just announced they’re launching a scheme to recycle crisp packets. [1] It’ll mean fewer crisp packets going to...

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Voles, otters and bees will all be at risk if a new motorway gets built near Newport in Wales. The money could be s… https://t.co/KHgzNW6ajO

@38_degrees 3 days ago