Petition hand in – End opencast coal for good

26 Feb 19

Yesterday members from the Coal Action Network travelled to Westminster to hand in a petition signed by 55,000 members of 38 Degrees...


Trophy Hunting

19 Feb 19

British hunters are paying huge sums to travel abroad and kill threatened animalsincluding elephants, lions and rhinos – all to bring back...

Take our NHS off the negotiating table

19 Feb 19

Powerful American lobbyists want to get their hands on our NHS through a US-UK trade deal. [1] If they get their way, it...


No deal Brexit

17 Feb 19

My name’s Maggie and I work on the 38 Degrees staff team. It’s my job to stay on top of what’s happening with Brexit, and...


TV Licences for the over-75s

15 Feb 19

One of 38 Degrees’ core beliefs is that democracy works best when all of us are involved. The BBC is facing a...

The public has been playing their part in tackling @walkers_crisps plastic problem. Now it's up to them. #plastic https://t.co/HEZ62u9VPf

@38_degrees 23 hours ago

It's a start @walkers_crisps but you produce 11 million crisp packets a day so it's not exactly a game changer. Whe… https://t.co/Hx2KzCq6SW

@38_degrees 2 days ago