Recent wins

25 May 18

Want to know more about some of the incredible victories 38 Degrees-ers have been a part of over the past few months?...


Addictive gambling machines: Victory!

17 May 18

Today 38 Degrees-ers are sending messages to Cabinet members, thanking them for introducing a £2 maximum limit bet on addictive gambling machines....


The results are in: which tax policies should fund our NHS?

15 May 18

Right now Theresa May is weighing up how to fund our NHS for the long-term. She could come up with a solution...

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How would you fund the NHS?

10 May 18

The results are in. Over 100,000 of us shared our views on whether we should campaign for a tax rise to fund our...


NHS data sharing with the Home Office

4 May 18

A dangerous deal between the NHS and the Home Office means that doctors are being forced to share patients’ private details. Some...

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Make plastic drink straws obsolete in cinemas

3 May 18

In just a couple of months more than 210,000 38 Degrees-ers have signed a petition calling on Britain’s biggest cinema chains, Cineworld,...

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