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We’ve got a powerful mission and exceptional people bringing it to life.

Create a fairer world in an impactful, engaging and adaptive way.

Our mission

38 Degrees is made up of more than 2 million people from all walks of life across the UK. We have different backgrounds and opinions, but we all agree – politics works better when more of us get involved.

38 Degrees helps make that happen, by giving people in every corner of the country the tools to make our voices heard on the issues we care about. Together, we sign online petitions, chip in to fund expert research and talk to our MPs. In the space of a week, millions of members could be campaigning on anything from protecting our NHS and stopping cuts to Universal Credit, to saving local libraries and pushing for laws that welcome more refugees.

Our culture

Learn every day

We’re trying to better the world – and we can’t do that without bettering ourselves in the process. Our collaborative and supportive nature means no question goes unanswered, and we aim to continuously grow as individuals and a team.

High trust, high impact

Whether you’re one of our uniquely empowered interns or an experienced team member, trusting comes naturally to us. We all need support sometimes (or extra hands!) but we also have the space to go and thrive!

We belong, no exceptions

We’re a team of passionate, extraordinary, kind, respectful individuals – and we wouldn’t have it any other way. We make sure everyone feels seen and heard, and as a result believe our team is more creative, productive and safe.


  • The basics

    At 38 Degrees you’re covered with all the basics. We provide 27 days holidays to all team members in addition to public holidays, employer pension contributions, and enhanced family and other leave provisions.

  • Flexibility

    If your role is able to work flexibly, we encourage you to do so. Working from home a day a week is standard for most of us, and we can talk about part time working options as well. Flexibility is currency for us, so if you see a role advertised as ‘full time’ and you need to discuss flexible options, do it!

  • Developing you

    A key pillar to the benefits we provide is a robust learning environment. Each team member has access to courses from ‘Diversity & Inclusion’, 'Feedback & Challenge’ and others designed to help you get up to speed ASAP. Also, everyone has £1,200 per year to spend on opportunities aimed at benefiting you, both in your existing role & future career with us.

  • Be healthy

    You’ll have access to our bike to work scheme, the fresh but wonky fruit is available each week, and the time we all take for lunch to disconnect is codified. An employee assistance programme (EAP) helps to take care of our brains, offering 24 hour support lines and counselling services on a range of topics.

What our team says

"As an intern, it’s been fantastic how much I’ve been trusted with - from input into organisational strategy to pitching campaigns. This is paired with a culture that allows us to get things wrong and learn from it, and to keep going to be the best organisation we can be."

Yvonne Carroll - Campaigns Intern

"I've never seen as robust a Learning & Development culture as at 38 Degrees. We highly value informal learning, testing and growing in our day-to-day roles to optimise our campaigns. But we also prioritise ongoing education with set-aside budgets for specialist courses, career coaching, and D&I training."

Mae Dobbs - Digital Marketing Manager

"We know our differences are our strengths and we use our lived experiences to shape our working culture. Belonging plays a huge role in how someone feels and works, and here we are always striving to learn from each other, adapt and admit when we get things wrong. This has enabled me to feel like I belong in a space - like an office - that socially, hasn't always been inclusive."

Ella Aedh - Campaigns Intern

"I've worked at 38 Degrees for over 5 years now, and love working for an organisation where our members drive our campaigns and our mission of making the UK a fairer, more progressive place for all. There's a lot of differences in our membership - and in our staff team - but we really believe that things are better when more of us get involved. We're always up for trying something a new way, and hearing a different point of view!"

Becca McCarthy - Head of Member Insight & Support

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