A photo of a group of NHS workers outside Downing Street, about to hand in a petition calling for NHS workers to receive a proper pay rise. They are holding posters with campaign messages and are socially distanced from one another and wearing face masks.

We’ve got a powerful mission and exceptional people bringing it to life.

Create a fairer world in an impactful, engaging and adaptive way.

Our mission

38 Degrees is made up of more than 2 million people from all walks of life across the UK. We have different backgrounds and opinions, but we all agree – politics works better when more of us get involved.

38 Degrees helps make that happen, by giving people in every corner of the country the tools to make our voices heard on the issues we care about. Together, we sign online petitions, chip in to fund expert research and talk to our MPs. In the space of a week, millions of members could be campaigning on anything from protecting our NHS and stopping cuts to Universal Credit, to saving local libraries and pushing for laws that welcome more refugees.

Our culture


We’re trying to better the world – and we can’t do that without attracting and retaining a talented and hardworking team. We have a competitive total rewards package which lives out our agreed principles of: Fair, Equitable and Sustainable. Read more in our Compensation Philosophy.

Photo of a member of the 38 Degrees staff team handing out posters about the campaign to give NHS workers a proper pay rise.

High trust, high impact

Whether you’re one of our uniquely empowered interns or an experienced team member, trusting comes naturally to us. We all need support sometimes (or extra hands!) but we also have the space to go and thrive!

We belong, no exceptions

We’re a team of passionate, extraordinary, kind, respectful individuals – and we wouldn’t have it any other way. We make sure everyone feels seen and heard, and as a result believe our team is more creative, productive and safe.


  • Introduction

    38 Degrees’ approach to total rewards (salaries, rewards and benefits) is rooted in our Compensation Philosophy which defines our principles and the criteria to ascertain whether decisions on pay meet those principles - our ultimate aim is to attract and retain a talented, driven team, and reward all of us for the impactful work we do in a way which is fair, equitable and sustainable, based on this philosophy and our vision to make the UK fairer, more respectful and more sustainable. 38 Degrees employee salaries, rewards and benefits are benchmarked against the UK NFP sector.

  • Salary

    A review of salaries usually takes place annually in July/August. Salary awards will take into account an assessment of individual performance.

  • Hours of Work and Flexible Working

    38 Degrees operates a 9 day fortnight with early closure on alternate Fridays. Core hours are 10am-4pm, but working hours can be flexible if agreed in advance.

  • Holiday Entitlement

    38 Degrees provides a generous leave allowance of 27 days per year (pro rata for part-timers). As well as 8/9 paid public holidays for England and Scotland. 38 Degrees office close between Christmas and new year, employees do not need to take this additional time from their annual leave allocation

  • Sick Pay

    Short term sickness - for unexpected illnesses - 38 Degrees provide up to three weeks (15 working days) full pay on a 12 month rolling basis. Long term sickness - for chronic conditions - 38 Degrees provides up to 24 weeks on a rolling calendar basis of: up to 12 weeks full pay (60 working days); followed by up to 12 weeks half pay (30 working days).

  • Maternity/Paternity/Adoption/Shared Parental

    38 Degrees recognises that there is often a primary carer (the parent who has most parenting time with the child) and a secondary carer - wherever possible the primary carer will receive a higher level of support in acknowledgement of the role they play. After working for 38 Degrees for 26 continuous weeks, full and part-time employees are entitled to: 26 weeks full pay (Primary Carer) and 10 weeks full pay (Secondary Carer.) Employees who do not meet the qualifying conditions may be entitled to statutory leave and pay. All employees, regardless of the length of their employment, are entitled to 52 weeks statutory maternity leave.

  • Compassionate leave

    Up to 4 weeks can be taken for compassionate leave on approval. At the discretion of the CEO 3 days can be taken from this leave as a result of the death of a close family pet.

  • Learning & Development

    38 Degrees is committed to investing and providing access to learning and development opportunities that support individual development and growth in line with organisational and professional needs. A learning and development budget of £1,200 per year and 5% of working time towards learning and development activities is provided to employees who have passed probation and who continue to work with us. From January 2023 employees may access a learning and development budget from commencement of employment on approval.

  • Health and Wellbeing

    38 Degrees offers an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP). The EAP is a free, confidential service that offers counselling, (face-to-face or over the telephone), expert advice and information for 38 Degrees employees and their household on a wide range of issues such as buying a new home, managing money and much more. The service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year both over the telephone and online. 38 Degrees also provides: Headspace app, Sad Lamp, Yoga, Eye Test/glasses (up to £50 contribution) and an Annual Flu Jab.

  • Cycle to Work Scheme

    This scheme provides a loan to obtain a bicycle and accessories up to the value of £1,000. Repayments are made over 12 months. To be eligible, employees need to have completed their probationary period and have an employment contract which lasts for at least 12 months from the date the bicycle is collected.

  • Rent Deposit Loan

    A loan of up to £700 is provided to use for a deposit when renting a property. The loan is repayable on a monthly basis or at the end of the contract should the employment come to an end before the loan is repaid.

  • Pension

    Pensions are a vital part of providing fair, equitable and sustainable total rewards to our employees, and in helping them plan for the future. It enables a standard of living when there is no longer access to a salary. We believe that we have an obligation to support our team to prepare for retirement and are committed to contribute towards their retirement plan above the statutory minimum required of employers of 3%. 38 Degrees provides a private pension scheme and new employees are automatically enrolled into the scheme (with the right to opt out after one calendar month.) After hiring, the contribution percentages are 3% employer contribution and 5% employee contribution. After completing the 6 month probationary period, employer contribution is 7% and employee contribution is 1%.

  • Religious leave and pay

    We are committed to reviewing and implementing additional provisions, to support team members with religious needs.

  • New Up-coming Developments

    38 Degrees are developing and expanding some of the terms of the following policies and we look forward to sharing these policies by the end of 2022. These include: Surrogacy policy, Support for IVF, Menopause Policy, Parental Bereavement leave, Sabbatical Leave (after 5 years of service), Global Remote Working Policy (to enable team members to work remotely in a global/national location up to 90 days per tax year, with no more than 30 days per each request including annual leave).

What our team says

"I've never seen as robust a Learning & Development culture as at 38 Degrees. We highly value informal learning, testing and growing in our day-to-day roles to optimise our campaigns. But we also prioritise ongoing education with set-aside budgets for specialist courses, career coaching, and D&I training."

Mae Dobbs - Digital Marketing Manager

"I've worked at 38 Degrees for over 5 years now, and love working for an organisation where our members drive our campaigns and our mission of making the UK a fairer, more progressive place for all. There's a lot of differences in our membership - and in our staff team - but we really believe that things are better when more of us get involved. We're always up for trying something a new way, and hearing a different point of view!"

Becca McCarthy - Head of Member Insight & Support

Why work at 38 Degrees? - A message from our CEO

When Russia invaded Ukraine, a lot of us felt anger, despair, and helplessness – including 38 Degrees staff and supporters. But because we’re a people-powered movement, we turned those feelings into action. Within days our staff team had empowered tens of thousands of 38 Degrees supporters to pressure the government to waive visas for refugees and write to their MP to demand proper resettlement funding for local councils. Together we raised almost £70,000 for our partners the Refugee Council and made a donation to Black Women for Black Lives to support other vulnerable refugees. In moments like this, we want to do the most good we can and – as a movement of millions – we have that ability.

We’re advertising several roles to grow the 38 Degrees team in line with our new strategy. If you’re passionate about making our country a fairer, more sustainable place, where we respect one another’s differences and build on the values we share – 38 Degrees is the place for you.

The roles are varied but all have one thing in common: like every member of our team, they’ll be laser-focused on creating impact by uniting, mobilising, and amplifying our supporters’ voices. There are two million of them, in every constituency in the country. They vote for all parties, and none. They work in all walks of life. Some are struggling to get by, others are doing okay. All care passionately about improving their communities and their country. We are powered by them, and everything we do is focused on creating opportunities for them to make their voices heard.

All our roles offer the opportunity to be part of something exciting, where you’ll spend every day trying to create a fairer, more respectful and more sustainable country. If you’re passionate about that vision, if you have talent, creativity and drive, and if you like the idea of working in a fast paced environment, we want to hear from you.

But we don’t expect you to do this just because you’re passionate. We ask a lot of our team, and in turn we have a reward package that recognises this. That’s why we pay well above average for the sector. We work a nine day fortnight. We support flexible home working so people can work for 38 Degrees wherever they live (including me!). Our team gets above average annual leave, and we have specific policies to support people with religious obligations and generous policies for parents.

We also want this to be a great place to work. Being ambitious doesn’t mean creating a tense or unpleasant environment. We want our team to treat each other with kindness and empathy – where people are supported and their achievements are celebrated. We don’t always get it right. In the past, some staff said we were getting things wrong or not doing everything we should. We’ve worked hard to change things. We’ve grown the team of people who support other staff, we’ve created new policies, we have a recognised trade union, and management and union reps have forged a strong and productive relationship. We don’t agree on everything, but we agree on far more than we disagree.

We’re able to do all of this because of the millions of people who take time out of their days to power 38 Degrees. We’re wholly funded by them, and all of our power lies with them. Together, we’re able to create impact – in government, in parliament, with corporations – because of them. Because of the single mum struggling to pay her rising energy bills who signed a 38 Degrees petition and ended up on national TV talking about her experience. Or the grandfather in Wales who looked at the Walkers crisp packet his granddaughter was eating, asked “why aren’t they recyclable?” and – after starting a 38 Degrees petition that was backed by 300,000 people – ended up meeting the CEO of PepsiCo.

We’re especially keen to hear from people who’ll bring lived experience of the issues we work on and who’ll make our team more diverse as a result. So if you’re Black, Asian or from
any other minority ethnic group, if you’re disabled, LGBTQIA+, or if you’re from a working class home, your application will be especially welcome. And thanks to our flexible home working approach and network of offices, we have a staff team that is increasingly based
across the UK. We’re keen to continue diversifying geographically, so that we’re rooted in our supporters’ communities.

Whether you work in the tech team, operations, supporter insights, the campaigns team, or on content, you’ll be focused on making the UK a better place to live – from pushing government to take action on skyrocketing energy bills, fighting for greener solutions to keep
our homes warm, campaigning for better funding and outcomes for our NHS, saving local libraries, or helping fans have more of a say in how football clubs are run.

Interested? We want to hear from you. If you have any questions about these roles, please get in touch – matthew.m@38degrees.org.uk – and I or a colleague will get back to you.

Latest Opportunities

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