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Image shows voters outside a polling station. Text on the image says "Photo ID checks at UK Elections is

Sign the petition to scrap voter ID plans

The Government says that these measures are needed to prevent voter fraud. But there is no evidence that they need to. At the last general election police only had to investigate 164 claims of voter fraud - out of over 30 million votes cast - and none were found to be valid. Experts say this law could stop hundreds of thousands of people from voting. It’s a massive and dangerous overreaction.

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Sign the open letter calling on the government to keep the £20 Universal Credit boost in place

As signers of this open letter some of us are currently receiving Universal Credit, and know what this cut will mean for us. Some of us have received it in the past, and some of us have never yet been in a position where we've needed that extra help.

But all of us are calling on the government to listen to drop this planned cut. You were elected on a promise to level up the country. This would do the opposite.

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