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Give NHS staff free hospital parking




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Give our NHS the emergency funding it needs

At the start of the pandemic, the government said it would give our NHS whatever it needs to fight Covid-19. Now hospitals, doctors and top NHS bosses are calling on the government for an extra £1bn in emergency funding to help fight COVID-19, the flu season, and a backlog of operations this winter.

A petition, signed by hundreds of thousands of us, would send Chancellor Rishi Sunak a clear message: we expect him to keep his promise to give the NHS what it needs to tackle this pandemic. Will you add your name now?

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An open letter on the future of UK - US trade

Over the last four years, we've been working to prevent our NHS being put at risk and our food and animal welfare standards sacrificed as part of a trade deal with President Trump. With Joe Biden's election as the next President of the US, we see a chance for a reset. A chance for the UK and the US to work together for a trade deal that benefits both of us.

As President Elect Joe Biden plans his first term, we're asking him to work to negotiate a deal with our government that will lift both countries up.

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