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Aug 5th, 2009

MP Holiday Watch: has your MP taken part?

By Toby Moses

Our survey of MPs’ summer recess plans has got off to a good start. 31 MPs have so far completed the questionnaire giving us an idea of their plans while Parliament is closed (the full list of names can be found at the bottom of this post).

Of the 31 respondents, there are 14 from Labour, nine from the Lib Dems, but so far only five responses from the Conservatives. Among those standing up to be counted are notable names like former Minister Hazel Blears, Shadow Minister for Culture Ed Vaizey (who recommends a trip to watch Didcot Town FC) and Minister for Employment and Welfare Reform, Jim Knight.

Only four of the MPs who’ve answered so far have second jobs and over half of them, 17 in total, plan to undertake some sort of voluntary work during the recess. This includes Lib Dem Paul Rowen, who’s off to help out at a Catholic mission in Uganda, as well as numerous others who sit as trustees with various British charities.

But so far, we’ve only had responses from about 5% of the Commons – to get a more accurate picture we need more. We’re planning to publish the results in full later in the summer and we can keep on adding results at least until then. Has your MP replied? If not, why not?

It’s not too late – we’ll be collecting their answers all through the recess, so get on to them from our website

They’re your representatives, and they’re answerable to you.

MPs who have responded to date: Laurence Robertson, Evan Harris, Ed Vaizey, Angela C Smith, Martin Horwood, Ian Cawsey, Lynne Featherstone, Jim Knight, Angus Robertson, Sandra Gidley, Caroline Flint, Robert Key, Jo Swinson, Richard Burden, Ronnie Campbell, Susan Kramer, Ashok Kumar, Andrew Selous, Dr Bob Spink, Charlotte Atkins, Martin Linton, John Mason, Des Turner, Paul Rowen, Roger Williams, Alistair Burt, Jim Fitzpatrick.

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