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Sep 17th, 2009

Boris: what should we do next?

By Hannah Lownsbrough

We’re really pleased with the way that the campaign to get Boris to keep his promise on delivering rape crisis centres in London is going so far. We’ve been in contact with GLA members from all parties about our petition and Boris Keep Your Promise are making plans to guarantee we keep the heat on the Mayor. Over 2000 Londoners have now signed the petition and it keeps on growing every day.

Lots of you have helped to get more people involved by telling your friends. Thank you for doing that and please keep on spreading the word – together we can make sure this petition is too big for Boris to ignore.

We know that Boris has a big media team around him; after all, it’s partly his decision not to reduce it in size and commit the money to rape crisis provision instead (in line with his manifesto promise) that means we don’t have our four centres in the first place. If his advisers are any good at their jobs, they will be telling Boris that the rape crisis centre battle is one that he can’t win: noone can justify paying spin doctors big salaries over delivering vital support to people who have been raped and assaulted.

So, the most pressing question for 38 Degrees is: what shall we do next? How can we embarrass Boris enough to get him to find the money, and fast? Can you think of online actions we could design that would help to make our case? Or should we be asking for YouTube clips, or photos on Flickr? And are their offline opportunities to show him just how strongly we feel about his broken promise? Please post your ideas below: we’ll be in touch soon with more news on the campaign.

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