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Feb 16th, 2010

Iraq: watch our delivery video

By KatyW

In the run-up to the Iraq Inquiry, we took action together to call on Sir John Chilcot and his team to get tough on Tony Blair.

We came up with some great ways of letting all the Iraq Inquiry panelists know that we weren’t going to accept more spin from Blair. Here’s what we did:

The night before Blair was due to give evidence, we visited the home of Sir Roderic Lyne to present him with a cake reminding him to keep up the pressure on the ex-Prime Minister.

On the day of Blair’s hearing we made sure that billboards on the panel members’ route to work were plastered with our questions.

Finally, we took cheerleaders down to the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, to cheer for tough questions for Blair.

During this time, we collaborated with Don’t Panic to make a short film about the different ways we were working to get our message across. Watch the film, here:

Thanks to our actions, Tony Blair has been recalled to give more evidence to the Inquiry. With the panel’s report also yet to be published, there’s still time to call for them to get tough on Blair for a second time. Sign the petition, here: http://www.38degrees.org.uk/page/s/blairtoughqs

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