A cleaner energy bill: 24 hours left to act

Tomorrow Parliament will be voting on a new energy bill. Over the past few weeks thousands of us have been emailing our MPs to demand they vote for important changes to this bill. Now we’ve got 24 hours to increase the pressure even more.

We’re committed to helping fight climate change by reducing the UK’s carbon emissions. But if the new laws are passed in their current form, a new generation of ‘cleaner’ coal-fired power stations will be built without any limits being set on their emissions. Not only that, but we’ll be subsidising these power stations to the tune of millions of pounds.

That’s why we’ve been putting pressure on MPs to include an Emissions Performance Standard in the Bill.  This will make sure that when energy companies build these new power stations, they have to meet proper standards.   If we act together now, we can make a big difference in helping the UK meet its emissions targets.

Tell your MP to vote for a cleaner energy bill here: http://www.38degrees.org.uk/cleaner-energy-bill