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Feb 24th, 2010

Update – Energy Bill vote

By 38 Degrees team

Our amendment to the Energy Bill, to include Emissions Performance Standards for new power stations, was defeated by 252 votes to 244. So if we’d got just 4 more Labour MPs to rebel, we’d have won it. That’s agonisingly close, and really annoying – but it does also show what a difference thousands of us working together can make. Next time, we’ll just have to make sure there are even more of us. We’ll put up a link to how individual MPs voted as soon as this is published.

In the meantime, a few silver linings:

  • -About 5,000 of us emailed our MPs this week about the Energy Bill. “Emissions Performance Standards” aren’t an obviously sexy topic, and MPs getting this volume of pressure sends a powerful signal.
  • -There’s still a possibility of the Energy Bill being amended in the Lords
  • -The Lib Dems and Conservatives supported the amendment and so are now on record as supporting an EPS – this is something we can hold them to in the future
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