BBC Petition: first batch of signatures delivered

Today we visited the BBC Trust in central London, to deliver the first batch of our petition – 20 000 names – to the key players in the decision to ‘shrink’ the BBC. We wanted to give them a taste of just how big our response to proposed cuts is going to be.

Rob, one of our volunteers, dressed up for the event as a dalek from BBC drama Dr Who. We wanted to show the people at the top of the BBC what a well-loved institution it is, by bringing along a character from one of its most popular TV shows.

After getting some amused looks from passers-by (daleks are a rare sight in central London, apparently) we reached the home of the BBC Trust, where Rob delivered the petition to a member of BBC Trust staff. We told him that tens of thousands of us oppose cuts to the BBC, especially the axing of Asian Network and 6Music. We also made sure he knew that this is only the first of many actions we’ll be taking.

We’ve sent a clear message to the BBC Trust that we won’t stand for cuts. It’s important that we keep this pressure up for the period when the proposed cuts are being considered. We’ve got some great actions planned, but in the meantime please make sure you sign our petition, and that your friends and family do the same.

Say no to cuts to the BBC, here:

UPDATE: here’s our petition delivery video: