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Mar 10th, 2010

Boris Keeps His Promise

By KatyW

We’ve just had some brilliant news about one of our longest-running campaigns: London Mayor Boris Johnson has finally agreed keep his election promise and open three new Rape Crisis centres in London.

In his 2008 election manifesto, Boris promised to provide funding for new and existing London centres. Rape Crisis centres provide vital support for victims of rape and sexual abuse, but as a result of severe financial difficulties many either face closure or have been forced to close. There are now only 39 centres across the UK, down from 80 ten years ago. Before this announcement, London had only one small centre catering to the city’s 3.9 million women.

When it looked like Boris wasn’t going to deliver on his promise, we joined together with the Boris Keep Your Promise Campaign to make sure he did. Thousands of us signed the petition demanding proper provision for victims of rape and sexual abuse in London. Thanks to our work, they will now be getting real support.

This is an incredible achievement, but the difficulties for London’s Rape Crisis centres are not over. Because the Mayor will not be providing as much money as he originally promised, the London centres will only be covered for the next two years. This means that it’s important that we keep working together to get them long-term, sustainable funding.

Matty Mitford, spokesperson for the Boris Keep Your Promise Campaign said: “I’m sure we join all other campaigns for women in welcoming the new centres, it is a leap forward for vulnerable women in London.”

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