Support free school meals

One in three school children lives in poverty in the UK, yet only one in five school children is currently eligible to receive a free school meal. We are working in partnership with Child Poverty Action Group to make sure that every child living poverty is entitled to a free school meal.

Providing free school meals can help to ensure that children eat at least one nutritious meal a day and have a more equal chance of being healthy: at the moment school meals are the only hot meal received by one in four children.  They also make good economic sense as they reduce health care costs and increase educational standards.

In secondary schools today meals are only free for households where none of the adults have job. Yet nearly 60 per cent of children in poverty have at least one employed parent. This means that one million children living in poverty do not get a free school meal.

Join the campaign and help to ensure that all children have the chance to eat and learn well. E-mail your local Parliamentary candidate in 2 minutes to make sure they will support free school meals if they are elected: