making organ donation easier in wales

38 Degrees is campaigning with the Kidney Wales Foundation to make it easier for people in Wales to donate their organs. There is an acute shortage of organs for donation – today in Wales there are nearly 500 people waiting for a transplant and not all those waiting will be successful: every 11 days someone dies waiting for a transplant. Click here to email your MP:

Only 27% of the Welsh population are on the organ donation regiester today, but there’s a real chance we could change this by taking action together. In December 2009 the Welsh Assembly Government made a crucial announcement – they intend Wales to become the first place in the UK to have an opt-out rather than an opt-in organ donation system. This means doctors could assume that organ donation can go ahead, rather than having to see if someone has given explicit permission.

This is an excellent opportunity to help thousands of people in need of a transplant and a chance for Wales to set an example to the rest of the UK. Click here to email your MP in two minutes and ask them to back an opt out organ donation system: