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Apr 8th, 2010

BBC fundraising success

By madeleine.p

Our call for donations to fund billboard ads which show our opposition to BBC cuts has had an amazing response, which means we can now get cracking on putting the billboards up around the UK.  Thousands of 38 Degrees members have now chipped in, so the ad campaign will truly be people-powered, making it even harder for BBC bosses to ignore.  If you haven’t yet signed our petition against BBC cuts you can do so here

One suggestion of artwork for the billboard is posted here – what do you think about the image? Please post your comments about what you think is good or bad about it.

So far, we have plans to put up billboards in five cities around the UK, including London, Glasgow, Cardiff, Birmingham and Leicester.  But we’re hoping to have enough money to put up a couple more billboards elsewhere in the UK.

Please donate whatever you can afford today to help us broadcast our message in even more UK cities.

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