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Apr 9th, 2010

BBC pledge: your candidates’ responses

By KatyW

Since the election was announced thousands of us have been emailing our local Parliamentary candidates, asking them to pledge their opposition to cuts to the BBC and their support for public service broadcasting.

We’ve been looking through some of the responses from candidates that have been forwarded on to us. The great news is that many of our candidates have signed the pledge, and just want to let us know how strong their support for the BBC is. Like us, they’re worried about the BBC’s commercial rivals getting the upper hand in the debate over its future.

Some of the other most common responses have been:

It’s not a politician’s place to comment on individual editorial or programming decisions – it’s a matter for the BBC.

Axing 6 Music and Asian Network is the wrong decision, but we shouldn’t be opposing all cuts to the BBC. Some scaling back of its operations is appropriate.

The BBC needs to be offering fewer channels of better quality, so these cuts are appropriate.

What’s the best way to reply? If your candidate(s) wrote back to you with one of these (or any other) responses, please post it below so other 38 Degrees members can have a look, help you reply or just leave a comment.

If you haven’t already emailed your candidates, you can do so here.

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