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Apr 14th, 2010

Tenants’ Protection Law: We Won

By madeleine.p

We’ve have had some brilliant news about one of our recent campaigns: the tenants’ protection law was passed by Parliament last week in the ‘wash-up’, which is when bills are quickly passed before a general election. There was a real chance that the bill might not become law before the general election and it was touch and go getting it through in time.

We worked closely with a number of other organisations on this campaign, including Crisis, and our success is certainly a joint win! If you want to read more about the passage of the bill you can do so here

The law will ensure that those who rent are protected against eviction if their landlord is repossessed. Previously, the first some tenants may have known about being evicted because their landlord hadn’t kept up with mortgage payments would have been when baliffs turned up on their doorstep. You can read the full story here

Without you asking your MP to support and attend the second reading of the bill on 29th January this bill may not have been passed into law. This is an incredible achievement which will protect hundreds of thousands of tenants being thrown out of their home, whatever their landlord may have done.

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