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Apr 26th, 2010

Save the BBC: action all over the UK

By KatyW

Ever since the BBC bosses proposed making massive cuts to its services, including axing 6 Music and Asian Network and halving the size of its website, tens of thousands of us have expressed our anger and disappointment through signing the petition against the cuts, e-mailing our views to BBC consultation and getting in touch with our local candidates about the plans for cuts.

So far, the number of people who signed up for our petition has hit a groundbreaking 35,735, and more and more people are joining in from all over the country.

The map below shows where the people who have signed the Stop the BBC Cuts petition live. It proves that worries about cuts to the BBC really are a national concern – there are dots all over the map, from the north of Scotland all the way down to Cornwall in the south.

Please help pass on the message and save the BBC. If you haven’t signed 38 Degrees petition yet, you can join in here.

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