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Apr 30th, 2010

BBC posters: how they’ll look

By Hannah Lownsbrough

Today, we got through the final designs for the Stop the BBC  Cuts billboards, that we paid for together with thousands of 38 Degrees members chipping in. They’ll be going up near BBC offices in cities all around the UK from 10th May, and we’re hoping people will walk, cycle or drive by and give a ‘honk’ in support of our campaign when they do.

Here’s how the posters will look on the big billboards all around the UK:

Billboards will go up where BBC bosses cant miss them

Billboards will go up where BBC bosses can't miss them

Hundreds of members helped by making comments about the first design (which we shared on our blog and Facebook a few weeks ago), and the designers have taken their main comments on board, by making sure there was a way for everyone to join in as they want past the billboards and by ensuring that we mentioned the cuts that members were most concerned about: 6Music, Asian Network and the website.

Nobody working for the BBC will be able to miss our message: these huge billboards on the doorsteps of their offices will send a huge signal that thousands of us don’t want them to cut services like 6Music, Asian Network and the BBC website. By bringing together everyone taking action to stop the cuts, we’ll make it clear that we won’t stand by and let millionaire media owners dictate what happens to our BBC.

What do you think? How else can we make sure BBC bosses get our message?

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