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May 8th, 2010

Make sure local Lib Dems hear us too

By 38 Degrees team

Will this become the historic moment when we finally get a decent voting system? Or will the opportunity slip away and politics as usual win the day? It could go either way, and people power holds the key – now’s our moment and we need to work together.

Lib Dems seem to currently hold the key. In the next couple of days, they need to decide whether or not to stick to their guns and demand fair votes, or let the opportunity slip as part of some deal with the Conservatives. We need keep the pressure on them, at all levels of the party.

Word is that their decision is on a knife edge. The more pressure and expectation they hear from us, the better. We’ve done a great job of making sure the senior figures feel the heat. Yesterday 38 Degrees members sent over 150,000 emails to the lib dems meeting today, asking them to demand PR. Today we joined with the rest of the Take Back Parliament movement for big protests around the country.

Local lib dems need to know how we feel too. They could hold the key.  Many will be sympathetic already, but we need to make sure they aren’t keeping quiet – we need them to speak up to the party hierarchy. If we push local lib dems to speak up against selling out, it could tip things the right way.

We need to make sure councillors and other elected representatives like Scottish Parliament Members, London Assembly Members, and Welsh Assembly Members are feeling the pressure too. Let’s email and phone them now – together we can make sure they’re hearing this message from all angles.

Write to Them is great for finding everything except councillors – sadly because of the election their council data isn’t ready.

But you will find them on your local council web site which can be found here:

Google might also be a good bet.  E.g. entering “Hackney Councillors Lib Dems” turned up a web site with contact details for the lead lib dem councillor in Hackney immediately.

Please let us know how you get on, share contact details for lib dems you’ve contacted, and tips on how to find contact details, by commenting on this post. Let’s help each other!

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