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May 10th, 2010

BBC billboards: launched today

By madeleine.p

The billboard campaign against the BBC cuts went ahead this morning and so far, it’s been a big success.  Billboards went up in 7 locations around the UK and a van displaying the posters parked out the BBC Trust offices in central London.  38 Degrees members met up outside the BBC Trust to ‘honk’ to say no to the cuts.  We had a great response from passersby, who honked their car horn or rang their bicycle bell when they saw our message to BBC bosses.

Our billboards mean that the first message new MPs are going to get from us is that it is critical that we defend the BBC.  Over the last few days we’ve had lots of opportunities to see how important impartial news is.  Our billboards send a clear and loud message that it is us, not millionaire media owners, who should have the final say on the BBC.

Please help spread the message further and save the BBC.  If you haven’t signed the petition yet you can do so here and if you have, please ask your friends, family and colleagues to sign too.

Here’s the video of us outside the BBC Trust:

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