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Jun 16th, 2010

No megadairies: help prevent factory farming

By Sebp

Big dairy farmers are making plans to build an industrial size dairy farm, which will house over 8000 cows. It would be the largest farm within the UK and the animals are kept in harsh conditions.  With so many cows housed on one farm, there is a serious risk of mistreatment, which could lead to spread of disease. Some people are calling it a “battery chicken farm for cows”. We’re building a petition against these farms going ahead – click here to sign it: http://www.38degrees.org.uk/no-megadairies

These huge farms, or ‘megadairies’ also produce a massive amount of waste (which would especially affect those living nearby), as well as raising emissions of greenhouse gasses. People are worried about the quality of the milk that is produced, as the cattle would not be eating grass, but spending all their time inside, living off processed feed.

The fears are that this would have a massively negative effect on the current diary production in the UK. It would mean that more responsible dairy farmers could be squeezed  out of business and the UK would be heading down the road of huge, industial farms, similar to those in the USA.

Last year, 170 MPs signed an early day motion in opposition to the plans.  But together we need to keep the pressure on, to make sure that the new plans for the farms don’t go ahead in Lincolnshire. Sign the petition to Lincolnshire County Council here: http://www.38degrees.org.uk/no-megadairies/

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