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Jul 23rd, 2010

Justice for Ian Tomlinson

By matt.l

Yesterday, we heard that the policeman caught on film attacking Ian Tomlinson last year won’t face criminal charges.

Paul King, Ian Tomlinson’s stepson, read out a statement yesterday, with Ian’s family around him. King said, ‘he has just admitted on TV that a copper assaulted our dad. But he hasn’t done anything. He’s the man in charge….why hasn’t he charged him?”

We don’t want to let Ian Tomlinson’s death fade into history. Click here add your name, photo or video to our urgent message:


Ian Tomlinson died just after being attacked by a policeman. He was just walking home from work. At first, the police said they had nothing to do with his death. They claimed protestors had got in the way of giving him medical help. The Guardian then published a video telling a different story. It clearly showed a policeman attacking Ian with a baton.

38 Degrees has been in touch with the Tomlinson family’s solicitors today before launching this petition: * We’ll keep on talking to them about how else we can help in the next few days. But right now, let’s send a powerful message – Justice has not been done.

*EDIT 18th June 2012: The section of the site with messages of support for the family of Ian Tomlinson has been taken offline in order to comply with a request from the Crown Prosecution Service.


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