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Oct 5th, 2010

Urgent appeal to help stop cow factory farms

By JohnnyChatterton

Update 1: we made it! Thanks to the 458 people that donated £5000 so now we can get the ads in the paper. I’ll update the blog with more details one the ad is ready!

Update 2: You can view a scan of the ads here.

Our campaign to stop cow factory farms just had a big breakthrough, we’ve forced one farmer to pull out and now the whole project is at risk.

Right now all the businesses involved are thinking “is the public criticism worth it? Should we quit too?” If we can convince them the pressure is only going to get worse, they’ll be more likely to cave in and the factory farm project will collapse.

Businesses use local papers all the time to boost their reputation and publicise their businesses. If we all chip in we could take out ads in local papers exposing their involvement with the controversial factory farm, just as they’re wondering if they should pull out.

If we can raise £5000 by 3pm today we can take out full page adverts in the local paper shaming the companies still involved. Donate here.

You can donate securely on this page. We use encryption, just like your bank does, to make sure your details are kept safe.

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