Nocton Mega Dairy – contact the companies involved

Over the last few days hundreds of 38 Degrees members have donated to pay for ads in the Lincolnshire Echo asking EM Howard Ltd and Blankney Estates Ltd if they’re still backing the Nocton cow factory farm. The ads will appear on Friday and Saturday (we’ll update the blog with images as soon as we can).

Earlier this week one of the companies backing the project, Patrick Dean Ltd, pulled out because of  “unwelcome public attention”.

You can ask EM Howard Ltd and Blankney Estates Ltd why they’re still backing the mega-dairy. All their details are below:

E M Howard Ltd
Nocton Rise, Lincoln LN4 2AF
Tel: 01522 797 121

Blankney Estates Ltd
Estate Office, Blankney, Lincolnshire LN4 3AZ
Tel: 01526 320 181

If you get through do share what they say in the comments below.