Leeds trolleybus petition reaches ministers

On Friday 15 October, Leeds 38 Degrees Volunteer Stephen, and Eleanor from the London office headed to the Department for Transport to hand in our petition to Philip Hammond and Danny Alexander, backing the Leeds Trolleybus.

Leeds 38 Degrees member Stephen with the petition outside DfT

Photograph by 38 Degrees

Almost 1,000 of us have now signed the petition – pushing the government to commit funding for the trolleybus. 100s of us have described how the trolleybus would reduce congestion, generate new jobs and boost the economy, improve local air quality – and just make getting around easier.

This has been combined with over 60 letters to Leeds MPs backing the trolleybus. We hope that these letters and the petition give both ministers some serious food for thought.

It looks like we should get a decision on whether or not the trolleybus will go ahead on the 20th, but the Spending Review may not go down to that level of detail….we may have to wait a little longer.